Reversible Gift Wrap

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  1. Arch Deco Reversible Gift Wrap

    Arch Deco Reversible Gift Wrap

    Inspired by the iconic Art Deco arches, like those of New York's Chrysler Building, Scallops wrapping paper evokes a feeling of playful abundance and sophistication. A surprising palette of purple, green, lime, aqua, black, and white entices the eye with the resulting contrasts and playful combinations of color. The arches are approximately 2-3/4 inches wide and 2-1/4 inches tall. The reverse side of the gift wrap paper is a lively and versatile purple solid.
  2. Starry Chanukah Reversible Gift Wrap

    Starry Chanukah Reversible Gift Wrap

    There's no better way to observe Hanukkah than to give. As you commemorate the rededication of the Temple, the Festival of Lights, and remember the gift of the presence of G-d, be a generous and shining light among others. Present your Hanukkah gifts enrobed in dramatic blues and scattered with the Magen David. Reversible wrapping paper makes it easy to coordinate your packages. The reverse side of Starry Chanukah is a cornflower blue solid.
  3. Go Bananas! Reversible Gift Wrap

    Go Bananas! Reversible Gift Wrap


    Monkeys here. Monkeys there. Monkeys are bouncing everywhere! (Maybe those monkeys enjoyed a little too much birthday cake frosting. Hmmm....)

    What better way to celebrate a child's birthday than with a gift wrapped in monkey wrapping paper?  Sure to bring a big smile, Innisbrook's Go Bananas! Reversible Gift Wrap is teeming with monkeys and tossed with bananas.  Great for both kids and adults, this versatile reversible wrapping paper features a banana leaf print on the backside which can be accessorized to appeal to more sophisticated gift recipients.


  4. Florabunda Reversible Gift Wrap

    Florabunda Reversible Gift Wrap

    Fiery orange and bold pink flowers make this floral print energetic, spirited, and vibrant. With a hot pink solid on the reverse, Florabunda reversible wrapping paper is well suited for honoring any of the ladies in your life whether it be for birthdays, anniversaries, Easter, bridal showers, or any other special occasion.
  5. Gone Fishin' Reversible Gift Wrap

    Gone Fishin' Reversible Gift Wrap

    One fish, two fish, there's a whole big slew of fish! A shoal of striped, polka dotted, red, medium blue, and aqua fish flit and fin through a sea of navy blue. Playful Gone Fishin' wrapping paper is sure to put a smile on the face of any kid (regardless of age!). Reversible wrapping paper offers incredible versatility. Use the white and aqua pattern on the reverse side for any occasion from birthdays to baby showers!
  6. Christmas Weave Reversible Gift Wrap

    Christmas Weave Reversible Gift Wrap

    Christmas Weave lends a cozy, homespun feeling to your gift presentation. Warp and weft bands of various widths and shades of lime, forest, green, red, maroon, and white create this warm woven look.
  7. Ship Ahoy! Reversible Gift Wrap

    Ship Ahoy! Reversible Gift Wrap

    Add a nautical flair to your gifts! Ship Ahoy! is a reversible print featuring blue anchors on a field of red stripes on one side and a risk of lobsters on a red background on the reverse. If not for a summertime host/hostess gift, boat warming, or birthday present, consider Ship Ahoy! for a picnic table covering or other fun DIY decor!
  8. Leaf Sampler Reversible Gift Wrap

    Leaf Sampler Reversible Gift Wrap

    Celebrate spring. Celebrate fall. Celebrate anything and everything in between! Leaf sampler reversible wrapping paper is a dramatic choice for any occasion. One side features a patterned passel of pretty green, yellow, and white leaves on a black background. The reverse features free form green dots on a field of white.
  9. Skull Totem Reversible Gift Wrap

    Skull Totem Reversible Gift Wrap


    Column after column of wildly decorated sugar skulls adorn the primary side of our Skull Totem Reversible Gift Wrap. The wrapping paper pattern is our nod to el Dia de los Muertos and features skulls of various shapes and pattern set off with a wide range of vibrant colors ranging from red and orange to denim, teal, and lime.  The reverse of Skull Totem wrapping paper is solid-- a saturated teal.

    Our reversible wrapping paper is ready to be pressed into action for kids and adults alike.  Use the colorful Day of the Dead candy skull side to wrap kids' birthday gifts.  Wrap gifts for anyone and for any occasion with the solid teal.


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