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  1. Big Top Circus Gift Wrap

    Big Top Circus Gift Wrap


    Can you look at this paper without thinking, "Not my circus. Not my monkeys?" Ha! Now you can't!

    For the special days you want to celebrate your little circus animals, our Big Top Circus Gift Wrap is just the ticket! Sweet circus animals-- bears, leaping lions, seals, happy elephants, and jump-roping dogs-- chug across this cute kids' wrapping paper in their colorful circus train cars. With its subdued, but still energetic, colorway this wrapping paper is great for kids' presents and baby gifts alike.

  2. Baby Elephants Gift Wrap

    Baby Elephants Gift Wrap

    Baby Elephants are on parade and are bedecked in an array of soothing shades and geometric prints. Baby Elephants would feel at home on shower gifts, baby gifts, or birthday gifts.
  3. Baby Giraffes Gift Wrap

    Baby Giraffes Gift Wrap

    Playful Baby Giraffes frolic across baby's special gift. Baby Giraffes features shades of orange, pink, red, green, and blue along with a touch of silver to give that perfect amount of sparkle and shine.
  4. Babysaurus Gift Wrap

    Babysaurus Gift Wrap

    What do dinosaurs, volcanoes, clouds, and sun have to do with wrapping a baby gift? Everything! You can almost feel the warmth of the sweetly smiling sun as happy baby dinosaurs (or babysauruses) bask in its rays. This adorable wrapping paper is soft, playful and perfect for presenting a baby shower gift or for wrapping a gift to welcome a new baby. With a palette of buttery yellow, muted coral, seafoam green, soft blue, and light teal, Babysaurus gift wrapping paper is a refreshing alternative to traditional pink or blue gift wrap.
  5. Gator Gathering Gift Wrap

    Gator Gathering Gift Wrap

    Look out! It's a Gator Gathering! Striped ones, dotted ones, red ones, doodled ones-- they're all assembled to celebrate!
  6. Happy Dots Gift Wrap

    Happy Dots Gift Wrap


    Go to your happy place.  Delve into a sea of Happy Dots!  Flowers “bloom” throughout this pattern which features uplifting accents of tangerine and fuchsia and a balanced by spring green, aqua, teal and lavender.

  7. Leaping Zebras Gift Wrap

    Leaping Zebras Gift Wrap

    One zebra striped with blue leaps across the field. A second zebra marked with red follows on his heels. As zebra after zebra bears your sweetest greetings, they'll issue a delighted squeal! Leaping Zebras wrapping paper will have your littlest gift recipients thoroughly delighted. Perfect for baby, birthday, and any day you want to make extra special.
  8. Rainbow Gingham Gift Wrap

    Rainbow Gingham Gift Wrap

    Dynamic. Vibrant. Fun. Rainbow Gingham wrapping paper is a stunner! This gingham check is bursting with color-- magenta, lavender, pink, coral, orange, yellow, lime, green, blue... the list goes on and on.
  9. Sea Babies Gift Wrap

    Sea Babies Gift Wrap

    A darling print featuring soothing shades of blue and green along with a cast of friendly characters, Sea Babies is perfect for welcoming a brand-new someone to the world or for celebrating a birthday during a child's early years.
  10. Teddy Tumble Gift Wrap

    Teddy Tumble Gift Wrap

    Sweet, soothing teddy bears tumble across a soft custard-colored background.

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