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  1. D.I.Y. Gift Wrap & More Kit

    D.I.Y. Gift Wrap & More Kit

    Imagine it, design it, do it, give it!
    Do-it-yourself collection includes everything you need to create your own customized, personalized, awesome-ized gift packaging!
  2. Shirt Box - Pack of 4

    Shirt Box - Pack of 4

    Shirt boxes always come in handy. Whether you're wrapping your kids' special Christmas Eve pajamas, the awesome T-shirt you scored for your hubby, or the luscious to-me-from-me sweater you're gifting yourself, having a shirt box to tuck those loosey-goosey items into will make your gift wrapping task a lot easier.
  3. All Occasion Bitty Boxes

    All Occasion Bitty Boxes

    Good things come in small packages! What treasures will you tuck into yours?
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    Christmas Bitty Boxes

    Christmas Bitty Boxes

    Regular Price: $6.50

    Special Price $3.25

    Precious treasures come in small packages!
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    Gift Wrap Scissor Mouse

    Gift Wrap Scissor Mouse

    Regular Price: $9.00

    Special Price $6.00

    The easiest way to cut! Position the scissor mouse at the edge of the paper, use the marked guideline to navigate across the paper, and the concealed blade does the rest.

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